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Eventually, Gray does reach the guild, and tells Zeref to get out of his seat

Eventually, Gray does reach the guild, and tells Zeref to get out of his seat

As the group heads prepares to head toward Porlyusica’s location with Gray being carried by Happy, they are ambushed by Irene, with the Exceed managing to keep his passenger out of further harm’s way. [499] Thanks to Spriggan 12 Larcade Dragneel’s widespread use of Pleasure affecting Irene, but not the rest of those present, however, Gray is able to be safely taken away. [500] A little later, Gray and the others are taken to the Porlyusica’s location and are examined, with Gray being determined to make an adequate recovery. [501] A bit later, Gray wakes up just in time to hear Happy reveal that if Zeref dies, then Natsu will die as well. [502]

Later, after Irene dies and Universe One is dispelled, Fiore is returned to its original shape and Gray is among the many transported to the reconstructed Magnolia. In the confusion, he sneaks away from Porlyusica, Evergreen and Carla [503] in order to head to the guild building. [504] He then listens to Zeref as he lists off information about all of his friends, being surprised that he would know so much about them when they know so little about him. Gray then asks what he’s after, which he says is Mavis’ power so that he can defeat Acnologia, but upon hearing Zeref ask if he’ll help him given the situation, he tells the Black Wizard to stop lying. He is then told of Zeref’s true ambitions leading up to Acnologia’s death, [505] which the Ice-Make Mage find to be incredulous. Gray calls it impossible, and Zeref tells him that he explained his plan because he will die before Natsu arrives, which should bring out his greatest power. The man responds by saying that Zeref will be the one who disappears, but Zeref points out he is immortal, adding that should he somehow die, then Natsu will as well; Gray reveals he knows that Natsu is E.N.D., but explains that he was looking to blame someone for his loved ones’ deaths, and that someone was Natsu. Ending with the notion that Natsu is his friend regardless of his identity, Gray tells Zeref he has come up with a way to defeat him without kill him and prepares to cast Iced Shell. However, Gray’s Iced Shell is noted by Zeref to have been empowered by a Lost Attribute; in exchange for everyone’s memories of him, its power has increased and become Lost Iced Shell. [506]

Mentioning that he learned it in his time with Avatar, Gray notes that he understands the side effects but doesn’t care, as no tears will be shed if nobody remembers him. While Zeref reminds Gray, as he is being frozen, that the prison is temporary, Gray says that so long as peace is attained, it is Fairy Tail’s victory. As his body breaks apart, Ur appears in his subconscious to try and dissuade him to no avail, but in real time, Natsu arrives and stops Lost Iced Shell from working. Gray is rebuke by his friend for using Iced Shell again, but he reveals that the reason he used it is because he tried to kill him. Gray hears Natsu say that he did the same thing, and is asked if they are friends as well as told not to die and to keep on living. The Ice-Make Mage, however, is concerned that if Natsu defeats Zeref then he will die, but Natsu says that he won’t die and that he will burn destiny if he is meant to, which leaves Gray shocked. [507] Gray then goes on to watch as Natsu and Zeref exchange blows, and then senses Acnologia’s Magic Power as he arrives on the battlefield. [508]


Gray teams up with Natsu and Erza to defeat the demon. When it attacks Natsu, it misses and heads for the guild masters instead. To protect the masters, he uses Ice-Make: Shield, and is complimented on how fast he can create the shield. He then proceeds to attack the Demon with his Ice-Make: Lance. With the three’s combined efforts, Lullaby is defeated. However, they wind up accidentally destroying the Guild Masters’ Meeting Building in the process, forcing the team and Makarov to hastily escape. [33]

Avatar arc

While returning to the village, Gray falls unconscious again. [45] When Sherry, Yuka, and Toby arrive at the village, the villagers take Gray, and leave Natsu and Lucy to fight them. [46] The next morning, he awakens to find Erza, who has come to bring them back to the guild. He tries to explain the severity of the situation to her, but she states that she isn’t interested. This causes Gray to insult Erza, telling her that she makes him sick. He then tells her that he will save the people of the island, whether Erza likes it or not. After his lecture, Gray storms off to find Natsu. [47] While running towards the ruins, Erza, Lucy and Happy catch up with him, Erza now agreeing to help. He explains Lyon’s motives, and reveals to the group that Ur is still alive. [48]

While returning to the guild, everyone but Lucy is displeased at Erza for not letting them accept the reward of 7 million jewels. Lucy’s exclusive happiness is due to her receiving the additional reward of the gate key of one of the Zodiac Celestial Spirits, Sagittarius. Happy suggests that they should sell it, which Lucy immediately opposes. Erza then reminds them of their punishment, believing it will surely be “that” although what “that” is, is not explained. That’s soon put out of their minds when they discover that the guild has been attacked by their longtime rivals, Phantom Lord. [59] The team then confronts Makarov about the damages, who tells them to ignore it.

After Phantom Lord’s defeat, Gray helps rebuild the guild, almost noticing Juvia spying on him. He then becomes surprised when he gets a lunch box from Juvia, not knowing that it was her who gave it when he said that he was hungry. Fearing what it could be, he gives the lunch box to Natsu. When Loke gives them Lucy’s keys, Gray, together with Natsu, Erza and Happy, goes to Lucy’s house, only to find a note saying I will go home. The team then goes after Lucy. [70] Upon arriving at Heartfilia mansion, they find Lucy leaving her house and are surprised to hear that Lucy’s family owns the place. The team then returns to the guild. [71]

Thinking that Erza and Natsu might have died, they are all highly relieved when the two of them arrive on the shore. [92] They recover in a hotel where Natsu sleeps for three straight days and wakes up briefly after Gray belittles him. [93] He eventually stays awake and they socialize with their previous enemies, before sending them off with a fireworks display. [94]


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