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Lady Problems ‘s the 5th bout of the next year out of Ben ten: Ultimate Alien, plus the twenty-fifth episode overall

Lady Problems ‘s the 5th bout of the next year out of Ben ten: Ultimate Alien, plus the twenty-fifth episode overall


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The group is actually operating in order to Gwen’s domestic out-of an objective. They arrive and hurry inside. Gwen wants to you will need to familiarize yourself with analysis from their purpose and you can assume where in actuality the spiders out-of Measurement 12 commonly strike 2nd.

Once they get to Gwen’s place, it discover a female, Gwen’s relative Warm, around. Gwen along with her mother dispute more than Bright, who is staying with them toward june. Sunny flirts with Kevin, even though she’s got a boyfriend, Antonio.

Gwen converts to go out of and you will continue the objective and you may Natalie says to the girl to create Warm. Regarding vehicles, Warm bothers and you may distracts the team. Gwen will get fed-up and you may tells her to go away, however she gets an alert on her behalf laptop. They push to where in fact the spiders try and you may give Warm to help you remain in the auto. The fresh new crawlers has reached a power plant. Ben converts toward Five Possession. Gwen tells Four Fingers and Kevin to keep the girl a head in order to cheat, and then it attack the fresh robots. In the car, Bright sees the new explosions and you can walks toward competition. Here, she joins in using mana, destroying the fresh crawlers and you can alarming the team. Four Hands transforms back once again to Ben. Sunny destroys robot bits, including the direct Gwen designed to deceive. Kevin notices you to Sunny is more strong than Gwen, and therefore annoys Gwen. Sunny would like to struggle once more.


In the home, Gwen says to Natalie you to Sunny is actually an Anodite, and therefore irritates Natalie. Ben and Kevin dispute over as to why the newest spiders have been stealing petroleum whenever Sunny states you to she wants to struggle way more.

Some one knocks toward home and you will Kevin responses it. It is a massive troll creature, Sunny’s boyfriend Antonio. Natalie tries to keep your and you may Bright aside, however, she flies out from the window in order to your whenever you are taunting Gwen advising her so you’re able to fly off to the woman while making this lady return, simply to mockingly consider (in addition to mockingly reminding her) one she can’t fly.

Gwen then starts to chase her or him and you can Kevin picks their right up throughout the vehicles. Ben states your robots is actually as well as she gets in. Warm informs Antonio to adhere to them.

The team gets to a particle accelerator. The new crawlers try inside. It plant a bomb, and this Kevin says is simply too small to complete people destroy unless they normally use this new accelerator so you’re able to enhance its power. They do thus and you can Ben converts on the Lodestar. Lodestar attacks the latest spiders, putting her or him off the bomb. You to symptoms Kevin and then he and you will Gwen endeavor. Gwen tells Kevin to close down the accelerator. He’s not sure if he is able to. Crawlers pour out of a gateway whenever Bright and you may Antonio arrive and get in on the battle. Kevin attempts to shut-off the fresh particle accelerator and you will turns out damaging the system, closing it well. He shows that Sunny join the team, but Gwen refuses. Lodestar sends the fresh robots back once again to new site and it also shuts and you will converts back to Ben. Ben and you may Kevin stop Antonio out of having fun with the latest bomb. Gwen informs Warm you to this woman is supposed household, however, Sunny declines and you may becomes a keen Anodite.

Whenever Gwen threatens to share with Sunny’s mothers throughout the the lady misbehaving, a fight ensues. Gwen matches Sunny, Ben converts towards Humungousaur and you can fights Antonio and Kevin is in costs of fabricating sure new upgraded canister bomb cannot inflatable and you may ruin all of them.

Sunny overpowers Gwen and you can Antonio’s energy is too much to have Humungousaur, therefore he converts with the Best check the site Humungousaur and quickly gains the top give, while you are Gwen phone calls this lady grandma Verdona from the mana industry (unbeknownst to Sunny).

Ultimate Humungousaur techniques Antonio of the picking right up an enthusiastic unlit white post, if you are Antonio obtained an effective lighted white post one amazed your and you can banged him away. Kevin disarms this new bomb from the draw its wire. In advance of Bright you will wind up Gwen, Verdona comes and you can overpowers Bright, capturing the lady in her own shield.

Biggest Humungousaur brings an involuntary Antonio more than and you will Verdona takes him for the a beneficial mana ripple. Best Humungousaur transforms back into Humungousaur, and then back to Ben. Kevin will come. Verdona asks Gwen if the she desires to become an Anodite and you may has the benefit of this lady other opportunity to see Anodyne together with her in order to habit her energies, however, Gwen converts the deal down again. She makes having Sunny and you can Antonio. The group goes back so you’re able to recording the robots regarding Dimension twelve.

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