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She does not use sex as a means to get something

She does not use sex as a means to get something

We have good teamwork; happier attitude, we are both willing and able to compromise. Americans should get off their high horse. Most of you do not know much about China. You are afraid of China becoming a number one country, so you put them down any way you can. So blatantly typical.

Generally speaking, this article tells the truth. I say this as someone from China and have experience with both American women and Chinese women.

After being travelling to USA for more than 5 years and living in China for more than 2 years, I just can tell that someone here was heartbroken by a chinese girl… Obviously because the average north american has big difficulties women seeking women to understand anything different to him, I see northamericans with big difficulties to understand a german, a french or an italian woman behaviour, I wonder if you even can understand british girls… so I imagine HOW difficult is for you guys to understand asian culture…

You know, folks…there are 4 billion people on this rock that speak English. Some of you need to join civilization. China really messed up by not teaching their children proper English (as well as Chinese) back in ’49. And don’t tell me they teach it there…I’ve seen their laughable methods. Wake-up China! No English means no future.

Single parents, free sex, women’s right, feminism, all these crap lead to what it is today

I”m an American married to a Chinese woman and I will tell you this 12 difference piece is highly Incorrect. The person that wrote it has, more than likely, never been to America (or just visited shortly) and, as their English writing skills are poor, are a Chinese woman themselves. There are good and bad in every culture..but I will tell you, generally, the Chinese woman wins, hands-down, over the American woman for one simple reason. They know they aren’t a man and conduct themselves in such a manner.

Explain this to me – IF American women, in your INSINUATION is such “a much Better catch”…why is there a movement RIGHT NOW in USA where Men Go His Own Way (MGHOW) / Men Go Their Own Way (MGTOW)? Yup, that’s the theme now – MGHOW / MGTOW/ They even have books, blogs, youtube dedicated to this movement rallying men to abandon American women especially.

Guess where did all these Sex & The City, Desperate Housewives, Jersey Shores, Kardashians, Lady GAGa, Lindsay Lohan, Madonna, Paris Hilton and loads more of these harlots and hell TV shows have in common?

As for The Chinese women that you described above, well they do exist..and guessed where they are found CONCENTRATED the most? BIG CITIES . Reason ? Coz they got influenced by the WESTERN /American MEDIA-CENTRIC culture, ie, the prevailing hegemony right now. ALL from US of America!!

The Chinese women, as I see it, is VERY obviously guilty of of 1 thing. STUPIDITY! or shall i say GULLIBLE. Yes, they are dumb in that sense coz they WHite-worship and think that every thing that hails from the West is worthy of emulation. In fact Asians on a whole…the young generations especially, many thinks that. Take a look at K-Pop.

These sheeples has no freaking idea the whole USA media culture is a diabolical plan from the Illuminati to breakdown socio-culture of a nation to WEAKEN the peoples’ morality and spirituality. The greatness of a nation lies in the FORTITUDE of its people and people with fortitude does not just happens in a vacuum. They are TAUGHT, DISCIPLINED and MOLDED first and foremost by the FAMILY, then the environment (institution, culture, etc) ie, the society it lives in. And women being the “Than Hand that rocks the cradle rocks the world” . Women. And the Illuminati knew this damn well. You screw with the Women you screw the ENTIRE generation…and everything derail from there…and men get eunuchnized, emasculated, run away dad/ husband, deadbeat dads, etc = resentful women and vice-versa. USA is currently, in comparison to her yesteryears, the most DEBAUCH generation…and we all know..carnal and debauch people are VERY EASILY manipulable and control….coz they are weak. An AVERAGE American woman in the 1940’s with her character, virtue, poise and grace put and average nowaday’s American woman to shame. Even more so if one is to take Chinese women fro that era compare to today’s Chinese women.

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