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Wels and you will fountaines is actually here most unusual

Wels and you will fountaines is actually here most unusual

ietra Rossa was a tiny towne situated by Romans vpon along side it of your own foresaid mountaine, becoming therefore neere the fresh new forrest, your lions can come each and every day into towne and you may T and you may bringeth foorth blacke and you will brief graines. It absolutely was woont getting subiect vnto certaine Arabian husbandmen, however it is assigned because of the queen vnto new gouernor of these citie.87 From Mount Togat^ His mountaine standeth nearly seuen kilometers westward out of Fez, becoming high, and however, away from brief bredth. Eastward they extendeth with the riuer Bunase” are regarding the fiue miles distant. All of that top which looketh towards Fez, and also the most readily useful thereof, and that area and that lieth ouer facing Essich100 is actually woonderfully replenished having vines, with all the kinde regarding graine. The fresh fruit of this mountaine try most vnpleasant each other to help you the newest eie and the flavor, however they are at some point ready, then your fresh fruit off site there other places thereabout.

Vpon the top of that it mountaine try diuers caues and you may empty metropolitan areas, where the searchers from treasure imagine that the newest Romans hid vice-president its wealth, once we haue before signified

mountaine being neer vnto Atlas is virtually fortie miles faraway out of Fez. Out of which springeth a good certaine riuer, hence powering westward falleth towards the riuer Shower. It mountaine standeth betweene two most highest and you will spatious plaines, whereof the main one so you can Fezward is (as we haue before-said) called Aseis: together with other sleeping southward is called Adecsen. And this Adecsen is most fruitful both for corne and you may pasture. And they are had of the certaine Arabians titled Zuhair getting vassals vnto the brand new queen regarding Fez: however the king assigneth generally it plaine vnto his aunt or some other out of his kinsfolkes, of that they yeerely collect ten thousand duckats. Brand new foresaid Arabians are continually molested because of the certaine most other Arabians entitled Elhusein, and this Tone throughout the deserts: to have during the summer-date it vsually inuade the fresh new plaines: wherefore brand new king out-of Fez on protection of region maintaineth a great certaine quantity of horsemen as well as crossebowes. This plaine are watered which have christall-fountaines and lovely riuers. Neere vnto the newest said plaine try diuers woods and Tame uons. forrests, where lions keepe which are very comfortable and you can acquire, you to definitely people man may driue him or her away with a good staffe, neither doe it any harme anyway. Now let versus proceede vnto the brand new dysfunction from Azgara.101 A conclusion from Azgara, one of many seuen principall nations of the kingdome away from Fes

Their part bordereth northward vpon the sea-ocean ; westward vpon the latest riuer away from Buragrag; eastward vpon the newest mountaines partially of Gumera, partly off Zarhon, and you will partly out-of Zalag; and you may southward it is inclosed into riuer regarding Bunasar. This place consisteth altogether away from plaine soil becoming a most fertile soile, as well as in olde

This new told you treasuresearchers, therefore soone just like the vintage is introduced, vse when deciding to take high paines from inside the looking of one’s rocke, and you will albeit they finde little, yet often they not giue ouer

time extremely populated, and you may adorned with many different townes and castles, being now thus defaced and you can ruined by the cause off battles, one quick towns onely are left to the populace to hide the heads during the. Along this place is approximately fowerscore, together with bredth nearly around three get miles. Through the center thereof runneth new riuer from Subu. The fresh Arabian people are called Elculoth, are descended from the familie off Muntafic ; he or she is subiect for the queen from Fez, and shell out vnto your high tributes: howbeit he or she is rich, and you can interested within apparell, and they are such valiant soldiers, the queen out-of Fez leuieth their entire armie of these onely, as he hath people warres of good moment to help you atchieue. This place profusely furnisheth not onely Fez, however, the mountaines from Gumera that have victuals, horses, or other cattell; this is where the fresh queen from Fez vsually remaineth all winter months and you can the latest springtime, of the reason of temperature and holesomnes of aire. Let me reveal high plentie off roes and hares, and yet few trees.102 Of Giumha a beneficial towne inside the Azgara. His towne brand new Africans manufactured in all of our go out of the a riuers side vpon that plaine ouer that the way lieth regarding Fez toward citie out of Harais, and is distant away from Fez in the thirtie kilometers. It was in the past very populous, the good news is it lieth therefore desolate from the cause of war off Sahid, which serueth onely to possess caues and you can receptacles on the Arabians to place vice-president the corne in the, towards sauegard whereof they slope certaine tents neere vnto the lay.103

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